Google Analytics – Where to start?

You want to learn about Google Analytics by yourself but have no idea where to start? The huge amount of information about this tool available online makes you feel totally lost and confused?

I absolutely understand if you face this problem because I do too. So I decided to write about my experience of learning Google Analytics for Digital Marketing to give any of you who is interested in learning it at home an idea where to start and what to do.

So let’s get going!

The first step, what you really need to do is to understand the basics, technical terms and play with Google Analytics tool. To make it easier, I’ll break it down below.

Things you need to prepare
  1. Register for Google Analytics for Beginners course at Google Analytics Academy (For the first week, you just need to finish unit 1)
  2. A Google Analytics account. You can sign up for free HERE
  3. A website or blog for practice using Google Analytics (I used my Blogger blog)
  4. A basic knowledge of HTML (Don’t panic if you don’t know about it. You can learn on the way)
  5. An interest in data analysis and a cup of coffee or tea to keep you awake. 😉
Things you will learn in this week
  1. Why Google Analytics is important for Digital Marketing?
  2. How Google Analytics works
  3. Technical terms such as bounce rate, property, view (it’s not the ‘view’ you’re thinking about)
  4. How to setup Google Analytics
  5. Basic tasks you can do with Google Analytics, such as installing tracking code to your website or blog and setting up views and filters.
Let’s do it together

Since the lessons and examples provided by Google are pretty straightforward, I’ll just go through steps that I think are important.

  • Once you’ve finished the first unit on Google Analytics Academy and registered an account on Google Analytics with your web pages, you’ll receive a Tracking ID and tag that you can install on your web pages.Account 3
  • This step may require you to use a bit knowledge of HTML. More details will be in your lesson, so I just briefly talk about it. Here I added the tracking tag on my blogAccount 4
  • Now you should be able to see your page views, device these users use, their locations and etc. So here I know that there are 3 viewers on my page at that moment. Two of them are using desktop and the other is using mobile device.
    Account 5

What are the implications these numbers have for my Digital Marketing strategy? I know the number here is too small for me to say anything but let’s just use it for practice.

Let’s say, now that I know not many mobile users visit my blog, I need to start attracting them and boosting mobile traffic. In order to do that, I may increase promoting my blog on social media because a high percentage of social media users browse their feeds on smartphones. So if my photos or posts appeal to them they’re likely to click on the link directly to my blog. At the same time, I need to redesign my blog to make it more mobile-friendly to make sure that once mobile users have been on my blog, they’ll stay there.


And that is the end of the Week 1 of Google Analytics Challenge!

Google Analytics isn’t too complicated, is it? I believe that it will gradually get more and more difficult, and I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see how much more Google Analytics can help us in designing a Digital Marketing strategy for an online business.

So what do you think about the first-week challenge? Does this guide give you more confidence to learn Google Analytics at home? And how else do you think the data we’ve learned to get so far can help us with Digital Marketing?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I’d really love to hear from you guys! 🙂

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Google Analytics – Where to start?

  1. Great start, Thanh (although it is a very long post!). I look forward to reading more about your Google Analytics journey over the coming weeks.


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