Google displaying answers without search results [Updated – 21.3.18]

Google is now experimenting with showing answers without any additional search results for calculator, unit converter, and local time. Danny Sullivan of Google said on his Twitter


Here are a few examples





Although this change is still considered an experiment, there have been many debates over it. Among those who have raised their opinions, many firmly expressed that they were not fans of it. This certainly has reduced online brand visibility, and traffic of many businesses, most obvious in the above cases are websites that inform about dates and time. Some unlucky businesses are also affected, such as D.A.T.E Sneakers or Date Conference, and the same with the Time Magazine, the New York Times, LA Times, and etc. At the same time, this change makes the targeted ads that are displayed on the answer page much more powerful.


Imagine the CTR a business would get if its website was the only clickable link on a completely blank page on Google. This forces businesses to compete with each other to get a place on Google answer page. Even more intense than fighting for a VIP seat at Ed Sheeran’s concerts.

While Danny Sullivan said it here that this change might not stay, I’m a bit sceptical about that. I personally don’t think Google will discontinue it after seeing the result of their revenue. Not only so, as Danny has mentioned, Google will probably expand it to other topics such as weathers or sports scores.

That’s my opinion, how about yours? Please leave a comment below telling me what you think about this issue. 🙂

And have a lovely Sunday! xoxo


*UPDATED: Google decides to stop this experiment after one week. Danny Sullivan said on his Twitter that the team “will look at improving when and how it appears.”

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