GIF marketing – Why not?

As direct as image but much more fun.

As engaging as video but way less time-consuming (and a lot cheaper).

What is that brilliant content format? Yes, you’re right. It’s GIF!

GIF is really nothing new but it has become more popular than ever. You see memes, animals, celeb and politicians moments GIF floating around all over the social media. But it doesn’t mean that GIF can only be used for entertainment purposes.

It can also be a great tool for digital marketers. How? I’ll show you 😉

1. Boost customer engagement

Whether it is on your social media page or website a GIF can make your content more appealing and help you attract more attention from customers. GIF is fun, easy to digest and doesn’t require much time to consume so it gives the right encouragement for a customer to check out your brand’s messages and share them with their friends.

Check out a Teminator Genisys GIF from Paramount Picture.


And JanSport ‘Pick your favourite’.


2. Explain your products and services

MailChimp is a great example for this. They use GIF to communicate with customers and provide instruction for their products and new features, on emails or their blog. It makes things much easier and reduces the number of steps their customers have to do, such as click on the link in the email, watch the video in a new tab, then close the tab and follow the instruction.


The only downside of this is that if a customer misses a step he or she will have to watch the whole GIF again. And there is no Pause button.

3. For your creative email marketing

Email is a traditional and quite effective marketing tool, but sometimes it’s a bit dull with only words and pictures. GIF is your solution for that. It’ll lighten up your emails, make it more lively and easier to digest.

Have a look at examples from

Ann Taylor


J. Crew



So what is your thought on GIF Marketing? How else do you think marketers can use GIF for digital marketing? 🙂
And have a lovely day! ❤

2 thoughts on “GIF marketing – Why not?

  1. Company should definitely use GIF more more I feel like it is way more dynamic than just a traditional image. And since videos are trending and GIF if basically a short video without any sound, I don’t see why I couldn’t also become popular!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. GIF most of the time is easier and less time consuming to produce than video as well. So I think companies might be able to get paid off for their investment on GIF marketing better than they do with video. If they do it well of course. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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